What is an Eau Lovely LIFE:

A collection built to create the happiest life possible. Good health is always my priority but good health comes in many surprising ways. Just being positive is good for your health as much as the opposite is not. I believe your home is your castle and understand why the happiest nation in the world (the Danish) buy more candles than anyone else. I have had the enormous pleasure of meeting so many inspiring people in the natural health industry through my increasingly inquisitive journey to find only natural healing. When I believe in something, I truly believe and when I witness sheer miracles with natural healing I shout it from the rafters, (the gorgeous, rustic, centuries old rafters of course!)

Rachel McCann

My home is definitely my castle...

I still love how a gorgeous cushion can excite me or a freshly painted room to a freshly made bed with strategically placed cushions of course (yes my obsession is real) can make me so happy. I love how a bath can take a bad day away and how essential oils can lift a headache, boost your mood or send you to a beautiful sleep. I’ve learned that little things mean a lot. I adore an open fire and the smell of my favourite scent. 

Chocolate, I have no words, my Achilles heel

Discovering I was intolerant to dairy was a health blessing and a life sentence, void of cookie jars. Dairy free chocolates just didn’t do it for me so temptation was always there. So my little legs took me on yet another journey to feed my little habit (whilst trying to stay uber healthy) and so the Eau Lovely Chocolate Loveliness was born. From spicy chilli to nutty nougat you simply have to try it. I am anti GMOs, pesticides and use as many organic ingredients as I can. I never thought you would have to consider this but all cocoa beans are picked without using child labour. So there you have it, my snippets of inspiration for the EAU LOVELY LIFE.. You are very welcome to join me….