Christmas tablescaping…lets bring the outside in..


So we definitely do not want to run out of candles this Christmas. The more candles the merrier on your Christmas table, no matter how large or small, let there be light! (You want long burn so you do not have to replace any mid dinner).


FOLIAGE…No Christmas table is complete without freshly picked Eucalyptus. You’ll be supporting your local florist too! Don’t forget when Christmas is over you can hang it over the shower and the steam will release its incredible scent filling your bathroom with this fresh invigorating fragrance.

IVY…It grows in abundance on walls and everywhere it’s not supposed to! It’s great for height and draping from high vases or added to candelabra’s it adds gorgeous opulence.


If you go down to the woods today…….Pick up some fresh pine branches! You will always find them on fallen branches or fresh leaves will do. Acorns are everywhere this time of year and add a gorgeous natural touch. Add all your foliage together the length of the table. Creating height where you can. Add them to your napkins…. mental note always have fun with your napkins!


Pull out all your quirky old candle holders. The more the merrier. Brass is our Christmas table favourite. Keep the heights staggered, some low, some high.


Add larger candles depending on the size of your table pick a number that has balance two (one either end) or  three (one in the centre) suitable for a larger table. Note you need to create height we have turned a concrete plant pot upside down here. 


Shine up your glasses. Glass on a table will pick up all the shimmering lights and create even more ambiance.


We love to keep the tableware white but this year we are loving green so we have added just a pop in our bowls. Sometimes a splash is all you need. 


A gorgeous welcoming table full of fragrant foliage. 

Let us decorate your Christmas table for your this year! That’s one last thing to worry about!

Simply comment and join our mailing list and well announce the winner in December.

The winner will receive:

1. Eau Lovely ivory dinner candles x 12.

2. Foliage to include in season floral arrangement.

3. Chocolate for each guest. Based on 6 guests. 

4. Eau holy night candle for each guest. Based on 6 guests.

Best of luck xxx


Merry Christmas x

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