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So those that have followed my brand over these years will have watched it grow and change realistically as I too grow and change. My passion for all things fragrance from essential oil to beautiful perfume started my drive to open Eau LOVELY.

As a huge natural health advocate my interests in simple products with a small ingredient list and organic if and when possible is really what inspired me to expand it.

I think the last few years taught everyone how precious life is and when all is said and done, it is the little things that truly matter.

My home is my castle….

I have a really open door policy to my house, come sit and laugh, cry or chat on my sofa any time and the tea will just keep coming (I’ve yet to discover why when the sky feels likes it’s falling in we Irish instinctively reach for the kettle and oh god the chocolate..) but we do and it’s great!

I love nothing more than lighting a fire and burning a candle on a cold winter’s evening sometimes with company and sometimes without, it’s just as important to me to enjoy one as it is the other.

As you think…so shall you be…

Finally I truly believe in the concept of “As you think, so shall you be” this is a huge basis for my new POSITIVE LIFE STORE. A truly great read and one that inspired me hugely was “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. It shows you how you two people can be put in the exact same situation and its how you think, feel or respond to it that changes the outcome. So if you walk through life believing, I will never win anything, you’re right. When you believe everything will work out in the end, you’re also right.

As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can‘t – you’re right,”

My positive affirmation candles are born from a desire to bring everything you need to your life, it may appear simple to some but the gift of being able to relax is not as easy for some as you may think. Or to love, be loved, be grateful, the list is endless. The concept of my candles is BELIEF, believe all that you desire is yours, the brain loves repetition. The more that you repeat it the more your mind believes it to be “fact”. So let’s repeat and repeat and repeat only the good positive vibrations that we wish to bring to our lives.

You must always have hope, miracles happen every day.

Much Love,

Rachel McCann.

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  1. just been gifted your gorgeous Eau Holy Night candle by Mulveys shop, Carrick on Shannon, and I am bowled over by it. Its one of the most beautiful candles I have seen, and your ethos just mirrors my own ! What a beautiful gift, and its just a joy to visit the website

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