Eau so relaxed- Pulse Point oil.



Calming pulse point oil.

You know that we become our own thoughts, positive and negative.

One of my all time favourite sayings is “Everything is ALWAYS working out for me”. When I start to worry or let in self doubt I quickly stop and repeat it and repeat it. I  don’t let any other feeling in. Trust me it works, not just the words, back it up with feeling, that you genuinely believe that this is the truth and just watch the results!

This little bottle contains all the calming essential oils that your body loves. Roll it on your pulse points especially your wrists during times of worry. Let the scent make your feel confident, alive and in control. Why not repeat the mantra as you inhale, Everything is ALWAYS working out for me….. after all what harm does a bit of self belief bring, none, you said it!


Contains: Lavender Essential oil, Rosemary Essential oil, Vitamin E oil.


Made with love in Ireland x

Enjoy x


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