Eau so Relaxed- Pillow mist


It is no secret that a good nights sleep is nature’s best medicine. I suppose you only truly appreciate that when you haven’t had one.

So you know how much we believe that your thoughts create your reality. This is never more true than just before you fall asleep. Why? because as you are starting to drift this is when your mind is most open to suggestion…. wow what an opportunity. Does it make sense then to over analyse the day or beat yourself up over mistakes made, definitely not! This is the time to tell your sponge mind  (the subconscious mind) the exact opposite. Get into bed and tell yourself ( to use my favourite saying…) “Everything is ALWAYS working out for me”. Everything is perfect” I am blessed, loved, grateful, lucky you choose just choose positive! You are programming your brain to have more self belief, its fascinating.

So what better way to drift off into this beautiful deep sleep than spritzing your pillow with our gorgeous hand made sleep spray. Made with beautiful essential oils and pure distilled Irish water. Lavender essential oil has a long connection with relaxation. As you inhale focus on positive thoughts and here’s to waking up to a brand new day with a pep in your step and brimming with self belief!

Good night x



Contains: Lavender essential oil, Rosemary Essential oil, Pure distilled Irish water.

Made with Love in Ireland x


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