Sage smudge stick with Amethyst crystals.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. How true is this. When we clean out the clutter both mentally and physically we lift a weight from our shoulders and it feels so good.

Burning sage is used to cleanse your space of negative energy. It is a beautiful thing to do at any time but in particular when you have to make some decisions with a clear mind. I personally love it before yoga practice or just in a quite space when I need to clear my thoughts.

Energise the cleanse with our Amethyst crystals to slow the mind and slow the breath.

Life is all about the little things, sometimes we just need some alone time, to turn everything off, turn down the noise, calm the mind and that is when things become very clear.

Namaste x

Contains: 1 smudge stick and 2 crystals. Keep one and pay it forward.



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